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Mar 23
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Versatile Hydroponic Growth Mediums

Choosing between soil and a hydroponic pad as a growth medium is dependent on your preference. Often, we hear folks vouching for the cleanliness of hydroponic mediums while others vouch for the forgiving nature of soils. We find that those who grow using hydroponic methods have the extra time and attention required for successful growth. Here are some descriptors for each to help you make the right decision that is right for your growing needs:

  • Jute Mat
      • Jute is a fibrous plant that has been used to make rope and textiles for hundreds of years. Jute grow pads are made of 100% all-natural woven jute fibers with no binders or fillers. They naturally wick water and have a high water holding capacity.
  • Coco Coir Mat
      • Made from compressed coco peat and fiber, these hydroponic mediums are sturdier than others and very well-suited for growing larger seeds. The spacing between the large fibers is larger to allow easy root access.
  • Premium Bamboo Mats
      • Bamboo fiber grow pads are the top of the line hydroponic grow medium for microgreens. These pads have a high water holding capacity compared to most other grow pads, holding up to 10x its weight in water. They are naturally biodegradable and can be composted taking about 3 months to break down completely. Eco-friendly, sustainable and food-grade safe. 
  • Micro Mats & Confetti
      • Made from biodegradable wood fibers, these highly absorbent pads provide an excellent medium to grow microgreens. The tightly-wound wood fibers absorb water fantastically; however, they are very delicate when wet. Ideal for smaller seeds.
  • Terra Cotta Saucers
      • Using a terra cotta surface to grow microgreens is often called “dry sprouting”. The terra cotta saucer absorbs water and provides it to small mucilaginous seeds, whose root hairs cling to the terra cotta, using it as its grow medium.



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