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Feb 12
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Top Ten Reasons To Sprout

Sprouting is easy and fun with our easy to use sprouting kits!

1. Only Pennies Per Serving - One tablespoon of seeds will fill a quart jar with several ounces of sprouts. A 4-ounce package will yield several pounds.

2. Simple and Easy - It take less than a minute per day to grow and prepare sprouts. Sprouts will grow nearly anywhere indoors, in any season. Sprouts require very little space and travel well. They are the ideal vegetables for campers, boaters and RVers. Complete, easy-to-follow instructions are provided in the sprouting kits, on the seed package labels, and in Handy Pantry’s book, Sprouting for Health in the new millennium.

3. Fresh and Fast - This “garden in your kitchen” grows very fast, in any kind of weather. No digging, planting, weeding, pests, or chemicals involved. And there’s no long wait. Just 3 to 7 days to a bountiful, nutrition-packed harvest. When stored in your refrigerator, they will stay fresh for days- even weeks if rinsed properly.

4. Toxin-free Food - Sprouts are as sweet and pure as Nature intended food to be. The Handy Pantry supplies only natural, untreated, organic seeds, with up to 99% rates of germination, grown especially for sprouting. Almost everything we carry is certified organic.

5. Complete Foods - Sprouts are real health food. They are full of life-- as you will see in how fast and luxuriously they grow. The right combination of sprouts contains everything needed for life and health. All their many nutritional elements are easily assimilated and readily available for your body. When home-grown, you know they are pure, and you can enjoy them at the peak of their perfection.

6. Tasty and Delicious - Bursting with flavor, you may be surprised how truly delectable they are. Enjoy them in salads, on sandwiches, stir-fried, steamed, or even baked in wholesome, homemade bread. You will find several recipe ideas in our book, Sprouting for Health in the New Millennium. Check out our sprout recipes!

7. Highly Nutritious - Several contain more protein than cooked meat and at a tiny fraction of the cost. The presence and balance of amino acids make this protein more digestible. All sprouts are rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, and fiber. When exposed to light, several become rich in chlorophyll. For specific nutritional qualities of each, see Sprouting for Health in the new millennium.

8. Low in Calories / Low Fat - One fully-packed cup of alfalfa sprouts contains only 16 calories. These are simple sugars for quick energy. Sprouts contain no cholesterol and provide several essential fatty acids. Sprouts are the perfect weight-loss and body purification food.

9. Help Detox your Body - Chlorophyll helps cleanse and oxygenate the blood. Enzymes aid in the digestion and assimilation of nutrients, and contribute to the body’s life force. Fiber aids in elimination, and their lecithin helps the body get rid of cholesterol. A raw food diet is one of the best ways to detox your body.

10. Build your Immune System - Antioxidants protect you from radiation and toxic chemicals. They help the body to cleanse, detox, rebuild and heal itself. Sprouts are rich in antioxidants and help protect you from the health scourge of toxic build-up. Antioxidant enzymes are especially important because they are essential for the proper function of the immune system. Sprouts are one of the best sources for these important nutrients.

To start today, check out our selection of sprouting kits here!


John King

I have the green stackable growing kit. It has been three years since I’ve sprouted anything. Will you please send me the directions on how to sprout again?I also already purchased seeds . Need Help! Thank you