The Wheatgrass Trucker Story


After being an over-the-road truck driver for 6 years, my health was suffering. I could not get good enough rest or sleep. I was so tired and in pain. I could barely walk at times. The doctors wanted to put me on drugs, and I refused! So, I started learning about nutrition and was on a mission to heal myself! I took out the passenger seat in my truck and put in a shelf. I started growing wheatgrass and sprouts on the road. I have three (8 trays) Handy Pantry sprouters, eight sprout jars, three Sprout Masters and two 11x17 wheatgrass trays! I grow 11 different kinds of sprouts that I eat in salads and on every sandwich. I grow two 11x17 trays of wheatgrass a week and get around 2 1/2 lb of wheatgrass per week! I drink 4oz of wheatgrass juice every day. I also make homemade SauerKraut and Rye Rejuvelac for the probiotics. Six months after I began, I lost over 42 pounds, have amazing amounts of energy. I sleep great, and I have no more pain! I can walk like a normal person again!!! I am LOVING LIFE again!!! Thank You for your products and support!

Yours Truly,

Wade, The Wheatgrass Trucker!!

We spoke to Wade after we received his video and he told us "I love teaching everyone I come across that shows interest!" Wade also told us that he now has so much energy that he is working out. He bought a Total Gym and has it on his truck. He prepares all of his own food and stopped eating at fast food places along his route. Wade is 40 years old and feels so good that he actually feels like he has woken up out of a dream.


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  • Greg

    So on the weatgrass you use regular cooking tray how you water your weat grass because it’s grow nicely

  • Rita Karydas
    Rita Karydas

    Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to share!
    Rita & Douglas

  • Ralph Edwards
    Ralph Edwards

    Boy, I sure loved watching the Wheatgrass Trucker…..wondered how much he got paid for that ad.? But no difference,
    he made this whole process so easy to do….I can see myself doing these growth things, afterall, I have been growing
    flowers with a lot of success for years now.
    One of your representatives came into “Coffee Bunker” – a military and retired military hang-out, and volunteered some
    of the sunflower sprouts! Such a large package, but heck! They were delicious on my salad, and I know that I need
    to start this gardening process for myself! MMMMMMmmmmmm- Love for your Tummy !!! Ralph in Tulsa

  • Catherine Attanasio
    Catherine Attanasio

    I have been led to believe that we were not designed to digest wheat grass. Have you addressed this citicism?

  • rolf

    I tried to grow broccoli sprouts, it smelled pretty bad. Are there sprouts that smell less bad?

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