Steps to Take When Embarking on a Health Regime

Steps to Take When Embarking on a Health Regime

When embarking upon a health regime, it is good to know the experiences of those who went before. Ann Wigmore has had many experiences and many letters of appreciation from people who attended her institute. Does it make any difference if the experience happened many years ago? No. Truth is always truth. For this reason, the experience is still valid. Living food is always living food. Wheatgrass is always wheatgrass. The results should be approximately the same. Why not exactly the same? Everyone’s body is different.

Below you should find a letter from a Dr. Taylor to Ann Wigmore. We would differ on one item since more is known about the different grasses now. We would use barley grass for arthritis because it is high in organic sodium. People who are arthritic, are very low in organic sodium both in the lining of their stomachs and in their joints.

A lifetime of eating high protein meats or dairy products robs the body of organic sodium because sodium is used to help buffer the acidic residue from these foods. Once the sodium is used up, the body then begins to use calcium and then magnesium to buffer with. This is one reason that many arthritic people also have osteoporosis. (This experience was taken from Ann Wigmore’s Newsletter Volume 1, Number 4, November 15, 1982)

Transcripts of a Cassette Recording of Dr. Ann and Dr. Keith B. Taylor

Dr. Taylor: I am Dr. Keith Bennett Taylor. I am an optometrist from Illinois. I do a lot of visual therapy for slow learning children. Now we have found in the last five or six years that it is very wise to implement a program of live food at home for these children. They are hurting themselves by eating too much sugar -- too many candy bars and pop, which is poison to the system. About 5 years ago, I heard of the Hippocrates program through somebody from Toronto, Canada. He said that the Hippocrates program was helping folks with health problems. At that time, I had very severe arthritis in my shoulders, knees, and fingers. It got so bad that I couldn't sit on the toilet or get off it without help, and I had to stay up in the middle of the night from the pain. So, I went to my local physician, someone I highly regard, and I got some medicine. This killed the pain but it didn't do the arthritis any good, so I went to the arthritis sanatorium and I got two more pills, and five or six of their hot, wet heat pack treatments, and that didn't do any good. Then I went to the chiropractor and had some chiropractic treatments which were very relaxing, and some acupuncture, and that didn't do any good. Since I had physiological chemistry in medical school, I knew something about the chemistry of the human organism, so I talked to some people at Hayman about this Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston. My wife and I called and I said I have severe arthritis. Could I get help? And they said we don't care what you have, it all comes from the same thing -- deficiencies and waste accumulations. I made reservations, my wife and I came out here, and spent the most productive two weeks I've ever spent in my life. I had to come up in a wheel chair, I had to be practically carried up the steps when we came in here, I could hardly get up to the room, and when I left i had no arthritis, it was gone. And it's been gone ever since, after 3 years, because we are very careful to see that we stay on the fresh live foods program. The new life style is wonderful.

Dr. Ann: How is your energy now?

Dr. Taylor: Oh, very good. My energy is fine, it's beautiful -- I work in the office all day long. I'm never going to retire, I'm just going to keep working. I feel like a young person.

Dr. Ann: Yes, it is wonderful indeed, and that you so much for sharing your story.


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