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Apr 20
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Start your Ginormous Pumpkin This Month!
home grown ginormous pumpkin

This is a very special time of year for us here at True Leaf Market because it is time to sow our giant pumpkin seeds. Each October, we hold The Ginormous Pumpkin Regatta at Oquirrh Lake in Daybreak, Utah. And in order to grow our own giant gourd to carve out and race across the water by that time, we need to start preparing and sowing our seeds now!

Our carved-out giant pumpkin boats from the Regatta in October!

After each race, we save the precious seeds that come out of the pumpkin, dry them and store them for this time of year when we have to sow the seeds and start growing this behemoth of a squash all over again! Feel free to join us in growing a giant pumpkin this year! Choose from the 900-pound or 400-pound pumpkins seeds that we gather ourselves and sell after each pumpkin regatta, which are ultimately descendants of the Atlantic Giant Dill variety—which you can choose from also.

Last year's germinating giant pumpkin seed!

A lot of work and patience goes into the maintenance of these pumpkins (and we'll keep you updated on our progress—for now, check out our report on last year's pumpkin), but for now just focus on sowing your seeds and watering for strong germination. Sow up to 4 seeds per giant pumpkin you'd like to grow.

Check out last year's epic race:



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