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Oct 30
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Seed Shortages, Delivery Times, and What We are Doing.

Due to COVID 19 and other related factors, the demand for home delivery services are at a record high this year. In general, we recommend that you take care of all your holiday shopping early. 

At True Leaf Market, we want to ensure the best holiday shopping experience for all our customers, including reasonable shipping times and adequate seed inventory.

Here are some of the supply issues we are facing:

  • Herb seeds are currently short due to a combination of crop failure and increased demand due to COVID-19.
  • Organics are very short this year due to the extremely high COVID 19 demand.
  • Pandemic or no pandemic, specific varieties may always be short due to crop failures, regular supply and demand, and growing season irregularities.


Here are some of the steps we are taking to ensure that our services remain just as reliable as they have been in the past:    

  • First, we will choose a seed substitute that is close to the missing seed. Often the varieties of seed we select produce nearly identical plants.
  • If a similar seed substitute is not available, we will select a compatible seed befitting the theme of the collection. For example, if it is a Medicinal Seed Assortment and we do not have Lemon Balm or a variety similar to it, we will provide another medicinal seed that is not usually included in the assortment.
  • When we include a substitution in a kit, the seed is always clearly labeled as what it is. If your collection includes a different seed than advertised, the package will be labeled as such.  You will never receive a seed claiming to be what it is not.
  • Small collections and assortments (1 - 15 seed varieties) will never have more than 2 substitutions per kit. Larger collections and assortments (15+) may have up to four substitutions per kit.

In addition to the steps we are taking, we highly recommend that everyone get an early start holiday shopping. There is no way to anticipate fully the shipping delays that may occur this year; It is better for a gift to arrive a little early rather than a little late! Also, please refer to our holiday shipping schedule, a tool to help you gauge when the absolute latest date you can order a gift for it arrive on time.

Please refer to our Gift Guide Page for our fully curated gift collection.


Eric Henry

I am looking for some Black Oil Sunflower. Do you have any idea when these will become available?