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May 27
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What Plants Are Safe For Your Pets

Cats and dogs love plants! They love to eat, lay in, and even dig them up. If your pets love plants so much, why not give them some to enjoy for themselves? There are plenty of plants that your pet can safely consume and play in. Some of our favorites include:

It's no secret that we love pets around here. Our own Chief Pest Officer Taylor is proof of that. We love providing Taylor with some yummy, and healthy treats in the form of plants. Our cat works hard for us, just like your pets are working hard to care for you. Give your pet the thank-you they deserve with what is or will be, their favorite leafy snacks.

If you aren’t familiar with feeding/providing plants to your furry friend, try one of our easy-to-use wheatgrass pet kits. We produce a mini pet grass kit as well as a full kit. You can even incorporate it into your home decor with our stylish Barnwood planter kit. If your pet decides they absolutely love this lush wheatgrass you can always get additional seed packets to continue providing your pet’s new favorite food.

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I'm Ashleigh Smith, a native to Northern Utah. I first gained a love of gardening with my grandmother as I helped her each summer. I decided to make a career of it and have recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Horticulture from Brigham Young University - Idaho. My studies have focused on plant production while I also have experience in Nursery & Garden Center Operations.


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