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Nov 9
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Of the Light

"Yea, over mere dust hast Thou wafted Thy [holy] spirit, [and hast so molded that] clay that [it can have converse with] angels and be in communion with beings celestial."

-Book of Hymns (Fragments) 2:10 The Dead Sea Scrolls

In our daily round, we seldom think about the unique and wonderful place we occupy in this amazing creation. Why are we here? Many believe there is more to this life than meets the eye. Many believe we are spiritual beings clothed in a material body.

If that is so, what can be the reason for such a strange and wondrous combination? When we think about our position in the cosmos, humanity does not amount to much. We are minute beings on a minute speck surrounded by the infinite. We occupy a unique position, however. Where the light meets darkness is the razor’s edge of our human existence. We exist where the light comes to meet the great mineral world to mix and draw it towards the light through the mystery of chlorophyll, basis of organic life. This is our spiritual heritage.

If we can but accomplish the act of turning towards the light, we will understand how great the undertaking each individual has as they toil to transmute darkness into light. Each person literally lives the edge of the mixing of light and dark. Our work is to transmute lead into gold, darkness into light, as we play our roles in the eternal progression.

The clay of our bodies clothes our very soul and that animation allows light and dark to mingle.

In that mingling, each of us has the choice to toil for the light or toil for the dark. We each face the choice, we each reap the consequences of what we sow. If we choose to toil for the increase of light, it is wise to help our bodies in that work. Drink the juice of the grasses, the most powerful and concentrated sunlight our bodies can use. With a prayerful heart, cleave to the Tree of Life, wellspring of all that is good and beautiful to us on this small and remote abode known as earth.

We are beings of light and our heritage is the heavens above. It is not a gift without responsibility. Our choices in terms of diet, right action, love, and a willingness to carry our burden and share the burdens of our brothers and sisters will determine whether we have served the Light or served the darkness.

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