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Nov 9
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We have recently launched an updated version of the website with the purpose of making the site faster and dramatically improving the mobile experience. While we have made hundreds of improvements, here are several changes to be aware of to help you navigate the new site more effectively:

Desktop & Tablet Version – When navigating the site in either a desktop computer or tablet, please note these changes:

  • Chat & Rewards - Accessing the rewards program and the customer service chat was previously done from floating buttons in the bottom right of the screen. Those have now been replaced with icons in the header and footer accessible on every page, along with the “my account” and shopping cart link.
Old Site Chat Bubble Location
New Site Chat Bubble Location

  • Right Side Navigation - There is no longer a right-side navigation bar with important links. Those links can now be found in the flyout menu or in the footer of every page.
  • Filter Out of Stock Items - When searching or browsing by category, we have added a feature where you can toggle to hide out of stock items from your search results and category.
Filter Out of Stock
  • Quick View - We have added a quick view option that allows you to add products to your cart from the category or search pages, without having to navigate to the product page.
  • Tabbed Information - On product pages we have separated different types of information about the seed variety or product into tabs, to make it easier to find specific info you want.
Product Page Info

Mobile Version – When navigating the site on mobile devices please note the following changes:

  • Persistent Key Features at Bottom of Screen – There is now a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen that gives persistent access to key features:
Mobile Menu Bar

○ My Catalog – Access your “my catalog” feature where you can access your personalized catalog of items you purchase frequently.
○ Cart – Access the shopping cart for quick checkout.
○ Filter – When on category or search results pages, the filter allows you to narrow your selection by options such as “hide out of stock”, “heirloom”, “organic”, “hardiness zone”, and more.
○ Chat – Access the customer service chat option.
○ Rewards – Access the rewards program info.

  • Header Features – There are familiar features in the mobile version header including login and account access, click to call customer services, search and the navigational hamburger menu.
Search Bar

While we expect that there may be bugs for the first few days, rest assured we are working hard to correct them as they are discovered. If you notice a bug or other problem with the site, you can notify us by sending an email to It will go straight into our bug fix queue where it will get priority attention.

Our Plans for the Future

The current re-launch has put the website in new framework that allows us to make even more improvements in the future. Our goal is to evolve the True Leaf Market website into the fastest, most user friendly and information rich indoor and outdoor gardening website on the internet. We have a long list of future development initiatives from building out more and more useful “how-to” content, to building features to help both new and experienced growers find the best varieties to grow based on experience, region, and other factors.

If you have suggestions on what types of features, information, and products we should put into our improvement plan, please let us know by sending an email to It will get considered.

We are so grateful for your loyal patronage,

The True Leaf Market Team

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