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Oct 25
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New How-to-Sprout Online Video

Guest Blog Post by Steve Wohlberg, Teacher of “Sprouting with Steve."

sprouting with steve

We all know that if we lose our health, we've lost the joy of living. Not only that, but there has never been a time in history when human health has been under attack more than now. The situation is truly frightening. Recently a number of my friends have died of cancer. Many others I know wrestle with serious diseases. Heart disease and diabetes are rampant. Most of us face some sort of health challenges. It's hard to escape such woes, especially when we consider growing chemical pollution that now saturates our soil, water, food chain, and even the very air we breath. Then there are the home pollutants that lurk inside so many oft-used products we shower with, clean ourselves with, and even brush our teeth with. Beyond these everyday issues, daily stress takes its toll. What can we do to fight back? Some of our weapons include getting plenty of exercise, a good nights sleep, and proper sunlight. But perhaps one of our best weapons to strengthen our bodies to fight health battles is to saturate every cell with hi-quality nutrition which helps build our immune systems to fight disease, and also to detoxify us from toxic chemicals. 

As many True Leaf Market customers already know, one stellar way to keep our cells healthy is to grow and eat organic, nutrient-saturated, cancer-fighting vegetable sprouts like alfalfa, mung, lentils, and broccoli in our kitchens, laundry rooms, or even under the sink in our bathrooms. It's easier than most people think, once they learn how. Sprouts are “screaming with nutrition” (as one author put it), are inexpensive to grow, and fun too (especially for kids). Again, many True Leaf Market customers already know about these blessings, for that’s what this company is all about — seeds, health products, and sprouting supplies. Personally, I’ve been growing sprouts for over 40 years, starting in the 70s’ when I was a teenager. It may sound strange, but in my teen years I not only slipped into some perilous drug use, but I also started sprouting for health. I think the sprouting helped me survive the drugs!

New How-to-Sprout Video Course Featuring True Leaf Market Products: “I’ve always wanted to sprout,” people have told me, "but I just don't know what to do!” If this describes you, or if you’ve tried growing sprouts but failed miserably, here’s some exciting news. A high-tech friend who I work with (Ron Fleck) and I have spent many hours creating a new video series called "Sprouting with Steve" that teaches viewers, step-by-step, exactly how to sprout many different kinds of seeds. My children, Seth and Abby, appear in our video course, too. Producing it was fun! You can learn all about this course on our new website, Trust me, this hands-on course is super-practical, and easy to follow. When I appear in the videos, sometimes I’m wearing a suit (having just come from work), and at other times I’m wearing my pajamas. The idea is to make each demo extremely doable in your own home. By the time a person has completed this course, they'll know everything they need to know about how to sprout, exactly what to do, and where to get all their supplies (of course, from True Leaf Market). Participants can also join a Facebook group where they can post pictures, ask questions, and share recipes. 

Especially worth noting is our generous Affiliate Program which can help you personally make some extra money (no purchase of course required). The cost for the entire how-to-sprout video series is $97 (which can easily be spent these days by making one trip to a local market). If you sign up as an affiliate and then share your personal link to your friends and family on Facebook or other social media, if only one of your friends signs up for our sprouting series, you will automatically receive a $25 commission. If two sign up, you receive $50, etc. So, even if you already know how to sprout, you can still sign up as an affiliate, help spread the word, earn some extra funds, help others to be more healthy, and all the while you will be showing your support for True Leaf Market. As Jewish people are fond of saying, “Such a deal!” 

In these difficult days when almost everyone faces health challenges, we hope "Sprouting with Steve" will be a blessing to many people!

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