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May 15
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Lately, we've been doing a deep-dive on herbs and what blows us away is the numerous medicinal uses that herbs have. It's amazing to read up on how ancient peoples and modern-day society used and continue to use herbs. These plants are so tied to our history, we may have started to forget how essential they are. Here are five reminders:

Peppermint -
Peppermint aids in nausea relief and minor aches and pains, including headaches. By rubbing peppermint leaves on your temples or the back of your neck can temporarily relieve pain.

Cayenne Pepper -
Much like peppermint, cayenne pepper can be used to relieve pain symptoms by creating a balm out of the dried and crushed pepper.

Fenugreek -
Chinese medicine has used Fenugreek for millennia to treat skin conditions. An herbal tea made from Fenugreek has been ingested by mothers to improve breastmilk production.

Echinacea -
Used for centuries in treating the symptoms of the common cold, Echinacea is much more than a stunning purple flower. It may ease the struggle as one fights through cold-like symptoms. Brew into a tea much like Peppermint and our next herb.

German Chamomile -
Along with producing quaint daisy-like flowers, German Chamomile is an essential medicinal herb. Chamomile tea is popular across the globe for its calming effects. It may relieve anxiety and help with trouble with falling asleep.

If you want to start growing your own herb garden from seed, check out our pre-made herb seed collections or assemble your own on our herb seed page.

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I love these ideas. May I please share this in my health coach practice? It’s perfect! thank you!!

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