Important Info About Your Sustainable Seed Co. Account

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Jordan Freytag

Aug 27
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As you might know, Sustainable Seed Co. was devastated by the Paradise California wildfire of 2018, and was unable to continue operations. True Leaf Market has been helping by running operations since that time. Both companies have decided that it makes sense continue that arrangement permanently.

Some Important Things to Know:

  • The complete Sustainable Seed Company product offerings are still available, but the website is now redirecting to
  • Your SSC account has been transitioned to TLM.
  • Your encrypted password could not be transferred, so you will need to reset your password HERE. Click on “Forgot your password” to begin the recovery process so you can login to your TLM account.
  • By September 3rd, 2021, all your SSC website order history should be migrated to your TLM account.
  • All SSC products and seed varieties have been listed on the TLM website, so you will be able to purchase every variety and product to which you have been accustomed.
  • Better Selection – In addition to the full selection of SSC products, you will now have access to a much larger selection of seeds, kits, assortments, and growing supplies than ever before.
  • Expanded Sizes – You should now be able to find the seeds you need in expanded size options, in many cases from home garden paper packet up to 25 lb. bulk.
  • Better Prices – Many SSC products are now available at lower prices than they were previously on SSC.

If you have questions or concerns, please email or contact us by phone during normal business hours: 801-491-8700

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Noel Colin Deacon

My name is Noel Colin Deacon. I am from India. Our company name is SMS AGRO 16. We are about 120 kms from Mumbai. We are into organic farming, having an aquaponics system, as well as a micro Green setup looking for non GMO seeds for our farm. We are in need of both seeds for our farming and micro Green setup too. Kindly do get back to me with your price list along with shipment cost. Our farm address is Address: SMS AGRO 16. Anandwadi post.Ambivai. Talka.karjat. jila. Raigad. mahrastra..410201.

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