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Jun 14
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Are Gourd Seeds Difficult To Germinate?

Isn’t it funny how different seeds have their own special needs when it comes to growing? These needs start from a plant's beginning as seeds. When it comes to gourd seeds, they can require a bit of extra help to get going. Because of their hard seed coats, it can be difficult to germinate if the right conditions are not met—gourd seeds like lots of water to get going. Soaking your seeds can help trigger the right conditions to start germination.

How To Germinate Gourd Seeds

soaking gourd seeds

Step 1:

Soak your gourd seeds overnight (room temperature water) to speed up germination.

sprayed gourd seeds

Step 2:

Completely soak a paper towel and place it at the bottom of your container.

drained gourd seeds

Step 3:

Drain your soaked seeds and wrap them in your wet paper towel.

gourd seeds in container

Step 4:

Cover the container and put in a warm location. Or, place your seeds wrapped in a wet paper towel inside a baggie. Keep them warm on a heating pad until germination takes place.

sprouted gourd seeds

Step 5:

You should see your results in 4-6 days.

gourds hanging from plant

Step 6:

Follow all other planting directions specific to your variety following germination to grow healthy gourds from seed.

If you’ve never tried growing your own gourds you are in luck, we have a great selection for you to choose from. Gourds can be a great tool to learn the basics of germination and growing your favorite produce from seed, your kids will love it too. Use your gourd harvest for fun fall crafts yourself, or with your kids. Getting your favorite gourds to grow doesn’t have to be difficult. To help you have a great experience we have made this easy printable guide for access to these step by step instructions on how to germinate gourd seeds.

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Roy Campos

I’m anxious to try planting and sharing with kids in the classroom.

charlie sward

High Ashleigh, my wife Rose buys big gourds and makes them into baskets using pine needles. We have never had any fortune in growing these gourds ourselves and so I am excited to see your article on how to start the guards. Can these big gourds be grown in Florida and if so what support do you recommend they grow on. Charlie Sward 1836 Yukon Ct Middleburg, Fl 32068 904-271-1929,

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