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Nov 8
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Great Quote From A Living Foods Proponent
"We are living in an age where eating lots of raw foods is essential. Cooking destroys many of the vitamins, all of the enzymes, chelated minerals, nucleic acids, and chlorophyll. The heat disorganizes the protein structure, leading to deficiency of some of the essential amino acids. This complete protien starvation contributes to premature aging. To compensate for this, many individuals eat lots of protein foods which stress the eliminative organs with much waste. The buildup of waste eventually leads to degenerative diseases. All cooked foods induce an infectious condition. White blood cells increase significantly after such a meal. If the diet is at least 80% raw, this does not occur. Man is the only animal that cooks food and man is the most diseased creature. Reasearchers all over the world are showing us that the body is self-healing when it is nourished on <a href="/products/basic-tray-sprouting-kit">living foods</a> and fresh juices Kulvinskas, Victoras, in Light Eating for Survival by Marcia Acciardo. 21st Century Publications, 1977.


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