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Nov 21
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Utah Dine Bikeyah and True Leaf Market Giving Tuesday Support

It’s here! Giving Tuesday is happening 1 week from now, on November 29th. The Giving Tuesday movement can “reimagine a world built upon shared humanity and radical generosity.” It is all about helping others simply because you want to. The world is full of complex issues, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it a little better for someone. We invite you to make plans on your own, with friends and family, and as gathered organizations to do some good in the coming week. It doesn’t matter how much money, time, or resources you have available to you. Just do something, anything. Below, we are sharing some of our efforts and how you can get involved. Let's have some fun, spread some joy, and brighten the world around us. #GivingTuesday

True Leaf Market’s Giving Tuesday Partnership

We want to kick off our Giving Tuesday efforts to help a local group called Utah Dine Bikeyah (UDB), an organization whose mission is to “Preserve and protect the cultural and natural resources of ancestral Native American Lands to benefit and bring healing to people and the Earth.”

Glowing Tepee Tent at night

To help Utah Dine Bikeyah reach their goals, True Leaf Market is donating a large assortment of seeds and a portion of gift guide purchases made between November 22nd - 29th to Utah Dine Bikeyah.

Use the code GROWGIFTS15 for 15% off of Gift Guide Items ONLY including an assortment of seeds, sprouting and microgreen supplies, garden-themed games, and more!

Support Utah Dine Bikeyah

We were able to learn more about the organization and its purpose from the UDB Executive Director, Woody Lee. He expressed the importance of Utah Dine Bikeyah’s formation to protect and educate the traditional culture created among Native American tribes, including the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, Ute, and Pueblo people.

With their sacred lands becoming more popularly used for recreational purposes, including Bears Ears, it is important that they are able to continue their sacred and traditional practices. This land is more than a place to play, camp, and wander. It is their home, cathedral, and history. This is where they go to gather and grow food, celebrate their divine beliefs, experience joyous life celebrations, and remember those who preceded them. UDB hopes to protect and spread the Native American people’s “traditional grassroots knowledge” founded on the values of sustainability, dependability, and integrity. Below you can find the goals and programs of Utah Dine Bikeyah.

UDB Provides:

  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Research, and Mapping
  • Public lands Policy Analysis
  • Native American Grassroots Community Organizing
  • Public Education
Utah Dine Bikeyah Native Foods Program Gathering

UDB Group Gathering

Utah Dine Bikeyah Goals

Stay connected to the Bears Ears landscape

  • Rights to herb collection, hunting, fuel gathering—forever access
  • Rights to hold ceremonial practices for all five BEITC tribes
  • Securing places for wildlife and intact habitat
  • Monitoring of sacred sites
  • Maintaining strong communication with Tribes, agencies, funders, and supporters

Help Tribes protect sacred sites, language, and cultures using Bears Ears as a model

  • Advance broad policy change including hunting, gathering, ceremony, water, and more
  • Create a Community Cultural Center in Bluff Utah for language, culture and youth education
  • Inspire improved life choices among our communities and youth
  • Facilitate abundance and thriving of our people
  • Carry on the legacy of ancestors’ leadership
  • Ensure the Utah delegation understands the value of tradition and spirituality
Utah Dine Bikeyah Board

Economic Development

  • Sustainable ecotourism and heritage tourism

Share Your Giving Tuesday Experience With Us!

True Leaf Market Instagram: @trueleafmarket

Utah Dine Bikeyah Instagram: @protectbearsears




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