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Easter Microgreen Garden

Easter is right around the corner for those who celebrate this holiday. There are all sorts of symbolic meanings relating to plants. Many of which are related to the Easter Lilly as it represents new beginnings, rebirth, purity, and hope. But many other plants can be incorporated into your celebrations in different ways. We wanted to share a unique and fun activity that can be done with young children to learn about traditional Easter meanings. It can also be used as a fun activity available all year long with infinite modifications available to tailor the interest of your little ones. Microgreen gardens are a great way to get your kids involved in gardening by preparing the soil, planting seeds, and harvesting the microgreens, all in a matter of days.

Easter Microgreen Garden Instructions:

The purpose of an Easter microgreen garden is to create a representation of the traditional Easter story with the cardboard roll creating a tomb surrounded by living plants. If you don't celebrate the religious background for this holiday, you can always use it to represent the home of the Easter Bunny.


  • Container or Plate
  • Microgreen Seeds
  • Soil or Minute Soil Coco Coir
  • Small Pebbles
  • Round stone or wood slice
  • Empty toilet paper/paper towel tube
  • 2 pieces of tape
  • Spray bottle (watering)
  • Optional: decorative mini trees, animals, mini people, etc.

Step 1:

Spread a layer of your soil-based growing medium over half of your plate or container. Cover the other half with small pebbles or stones to create a “walkway.”

Step 2:

Cut your cardboard tube to be approximately 0.5-1 inch deep. Place your 2 pieces of tape over ONE end of your cardboard tube. This will become your tomb. Place it on top of your soil with the open end on the edge of the soil and rock border.

Step 3:

Gently cover your cardboard tube with a mound of soil. This should look similar to a hobbit house or native Hogan style. Hydrate your growing medium with a spray bottle.

Step 4:

Spread your choice of microgreen seeds over the soil. Spread a dusting of soil over the seeds if required. We recommend using radish seeds as they are an easy starter microgreen. Other more mild tasting micros, such as broccoli, lettuce, or cabbage, may be preferred for a child's taste palate. Mist or spray your seeds.

Step 5:

Next, place a symbolic item or note, if you choose to, into the “tomb.” Place the round stone or wood slice in front of the cardboard tube as the door. Other decorations may be added to your Easter microgreen garden as you please.

Step 6:

Water your microgreens as needed until they are ready to harvest. The growing microgreens can be tied into an object lesson about new beginnings relating to Easter or the start of the spring season. Harvest when appropriate for your chosen microgreen seed.

Alternate Themes: Microgreen gardens can be a great indoor or patio activity to engage young kids at any time of the year. While this activity focused on the religious Easter theme, it may be used for any number of topics. Use your imagination to go on a mining adventure, camp out, safari, play in a dinosaur habitat, or a mini representation of your dream garden. Create whatever designscape you want by changing the layout and incorporating various decorative pieces. Just have fun with it!

child playing in dinosaur microgreen garden

Dinosaur Microgreen Garden

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