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Apr 3
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Direct Sowing Vegetable Seeds

We are reaching the time when you'll want to start direct sowing your vegetable seeds or at least getting ready to sow them in the next few weeks! This is a perfect opportunity to think about what you might want to harvest in late summer/early fall!

Some garden vegetables are unable to be direct sown unless you live in a tropical part of the globe, such as tomatoes and peppers. However, there are other garden vegetables on the other end of the spectrum: they can withstand cool temperatures during germination and benefit from direct sowing because their sensitive root systems are best left undisturbed. Also, these plants are able to take a full beating from the summer sun when they are maturing. Most of these include root crops such as beets and turnips, and leafy vegetables such as kale and Swiss chard.

Vegetables Suitable for Direct Sowing


The most important thing before direct sowning is to have a strong grasp of what temperatures the next few week for your given region. Check the last frost date and then double check it. Sow your seeds after that date once it is secured and water heavily.


Christopher Pacheco

What are the lowest temps you want outside at night to get ?

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what about spinach?