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David Bernal

Jul 26
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Cover Crop Highlight: Buckwheat

Not nearly as popular as Daikon radish or winter wheat, common buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) grows faster and more plentiful than even these hardy winter crops. Buckwheat is arguably the most diverse winter crop as it quickly matures to about 24-36” tall and 18-24” wide and is ideally sown as a winter cover crop, fodder crop, or pest repellent.

Similar to Daikon radish and yellow mustard, buckwheat produces a thick and deep taproot known to help increase tilth and aeration for overly compacted, heavy soils. Common buckwheat shares many of the same tolerances and ecological benefits as wild buckwheat while still boasting just as many blooms as any wildflower or ornamental.



I plant buckwheat and ryegrass every fall after the season. The buckwheat grows in quick and flowers late fall and the bees love it. The ryegrass takes off in the early spring and is cut back just before spring planting.

Christy Kirkland

Are you saying this would be good to plant in my garden box after the fall harvest?