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May 7
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Conscious Light & Living Foods

Many people know instinctively that food in its natural state is healthier for the body. In the fast food world where we live, this knowledge/instinct has almost become lost. It is only found deep in books of the highest order and unless we do some minimal research, we will never realize its importance both physically and spiritually.

Why are live foods healthier? Because we know God made them? Because light causes them to grow?

We went through the Dark Ages and emerged into what we know today….not knowing that technology had not brought us any closer to the understanding of the power of light. Light is the basis on which our lives rest, but some researchers began to suspect there was much more to light than just a wave or a particle. They began to suspect light carried an organizing principal of profound importance to us. Some ancient religions spoke of light as ‘the thought of God,’ certainly implying that light was much more than just a material manifestation or substance. Many suspected the problem to be much more subtle.

Indeed, light refracted through a prism shows it is composed of many constituents. This was just the start. Modern science began to expand its knowledge of light to include infra-red and ultra-violet frequencies. But there was more, much more.

In 1923, a man named Alexander Gurwitsch made an important discovery about light. In the following years Fritz Albert Popp, a German Bio Physicist, took what Gurwitsch had discovered and formulated one of the most important discoveries relating to the power of living foods.

Popp says that photons are ubiquitous and we all know that photons are particles of light that stream from the sun. They are so tiny that they stream through many things including the body. Popp’s important contribution was that plants emit what he calls bio photons. These bio photons don’t just come from the sun, they are actually emitted by a matter of all types as well. In the case of the bio photons that each plant emits, this energy is not just light, but it is intelligent light that contains important information for each of the countless cells in the human body. It is amazing that within each tiny cell of the body, countless chemical reactions take place every second. For reactions to happen properly the cell needs the intelligence or organizing force of the bio-photon.

Popp says that bio photons were somehow providing coherent information to each of these cells and that it had an organized outcome. Also, that bio photons are not just light but also are an organizing force for these countless reactions going on every second in our bodies. It is the fundamental organizing principle that connects us to the breath of life.

In thinking about Popp’s amazing discovery, I must conclude and repeat what another scientist in the early 20th century found out. Edward Howell taught that in each plant was energy that was transferred to the body in the form of enzymes. He said that these enzymes triggered chemical reactions in the body. His most important conclusion was that our greatest enemy is the cook stove.

If the cook stove can destroy the enzyme then we must absolutely know that it alters the biophoton and jumbles it to the point that it no longer has order and can transfer this intelligence and order to the human body via the plant. Then we must also know that each plant has a different intelligence and with the study of these plants, we can know which intelligence we want to transfer into the body for whichever organ we want to enhance.

If we make the attempt to transfer light and the intelligence of health into our bodies, then we must eat more raw and living foods. If we can end the chaos in our own human bodies, perhaps we can then end the chaos that exists in the world around us.



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