Best Trays and Containers for Growing Microgreens

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Ashleigh Smith

Jun 28
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Growing microgreens is a simple process, but what if you want to grow many vs. only a few? We have a container for both situations. And we offer plenty of options for those who want to use the same containers over and over again! What about something compostable? Yep! We have that too. Find your perfect microgreen tray below.

Sustainable and Durable Microgreen Trays

We absolutely love our Bootstrap Farmer Microgreen Trays. Not only are they sturdy for repetitive use, but they also come in an assortment of sizes. Be sure to pair trays with holes with ones without holes for easy watering. One of the biggest reasons I favor these durable trays is the shallow 1020 trays. Their low edges make harvesting microgreens so easy! If you have or are interested in a microgreen business, these trays are a must for you. Just wash and reuse these trays as they will last you several years compared to the traditional trays.

Traditional Microgreen Trays

It’s okay to admit that the everyday watering duties may slip your mind from time to time. We have your back with these self-watering grow trays. They take the worry out of growing microgreens if you are forgetful or just like to live your life on the go. Out of town for the weekend? Your microgreens will still be thriving when you return.

We also understand not wanting to grow more than you can eat. We offer Micro Punnet Trays which are perfect for growing individual servings for yourself, or for use as a deliverable tray. They measure 2x3x2 inches and can be used with soil or hydroponic growing mediums.


Like microgreens, wheatgrass is also a valuable addition to your diet. Wheatgrass can easily be grown in an assortment of containers. We recommend using the traditional 1020 trays, or the standard 1020 Heavy Duty trays. All other microgreen containers may also be used. For growing wheatgrass or our petgrass mixture, we recommend using the self-watering trays to maintain crisp, fresh grass for your pets that keep them coming back day after day. New to growing pet grass for cats and dogs? Try this Self-Watering Cat Grass Kit.

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Mandy Rice

I have not started growing micro greens yet, but it’s on my to do list. This was a great read to gain some more insight on the many options available. I will definitely be purchasing a micro green kit in the near future!

Christina Stewart

Love the idea of a deliverable tray to share the yummy healthy goodness!

Kelly Dieter

Love the idea of single serving trays! Our whole family could participate in growing the greens they like best.


This is a great article! So informative! I love the different options listed for growing microgreens


The shallow trays really do help the harvesting process! Great tip!

Nancy Archibald

Hi there, I purchased quite a few seeds and supplies from you for microgreens. I need some sturdy trays WITH holes. I will be growing for our flock of 10 chickens and for our family use too. There are 5 of us home. I have kids and grandkids stop in often to share meals with us. Im on a diet that requires me to eat a fresh salad everyday too. I am thinking a few larger trays and then because I have so many different seeds, I may like to use the 5×5 trays occasionally too. Please contact me we we can determine best what trays I need to buy.

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