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Whole oats have the hull on and are a great choice for sprouting, animal feed and oat grass, but not for food uses unless the hull is removed. Great germination rate. available in small quantity to bulk in resealable packaging. Certified Organic.

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Organic Oats: Whole Oat Grain Sprouting Seeds (Hull Intact)

Flavor Description: Fresh and mild. A nice sweetness that is not too strong. Little to no bitterness. A perfect grass juice for beginners.

These oats have the hull intact and as such aren't a great choice for food purposes, but are a great choice as sprouting seeds. Organic whole oats can be used as animal feed, food storage, sprouting, growing ornamental oat grass, & more. Our whole oats have a high germination rate. Looking for Hulled Oat Groats for food uses?

Please Note: Different crops of whole oats can vary widely in weight. The 25 Lb bucket is filled to the brim, but weight can vary by as much as 5 Lbs in either direction.

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