Tomato Seeds - Hamson (DX-52-12)


70-75 days. Solanum lycoperscium. Hamson (DX52-12) Tomato seeds grow as annual indeterminate crops and are an early season heirloom variety. As sturdy plants, these tomatoes with non-GMO seeds produce as perennials in warmer southern climates. These powerhouse tomatoes are also considered semi-determinate in regions with longer growing seasons. Hamson Tomato crops, also referred to as Hamson DX-52-12 or DX 52-12, develop medium-sized 8-9 oz fruit with scarlet-red color with a round uniform shape. Their high quality sweetness with less acidic flavor provides a bright bite and is great for canning! In fact, this variety was first developed by Dr. Alvin Hamson in the cooler mountainous conditions at Utah State University! Hamson produced disease-resistant tomatoes with a firm texture that can adapt to fluctuating temperatures and higher elevations, as its origin is often mistaken for Colorado.

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Growing Hamson (DX 52-12) Tomato Garden Seeds

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Sowing & Growing:

Medium-sized Hamson Tomato seeds are best started indoors 5-8 weeks before your region"s final spring frost. Begin sowing annual tomato plants in a flat under grow lights. Plant Hamson DX52-12 Tomato seeds ¼-1/8" deep in a warm seed-starting mix. Expose seedlings to heat for the duration of the day, then turn off during the night. Hamson DX 52-12 Tomatoes thrive in conditions ranging from 75-90° with need at least 60° for germination, which takes 1-2 weeks. Hamson DX-52-12 tomatoes can withstand temperatures as low as 45° and prefer rich and well-drained soil with a pH level of 6.0-6.8. Transplant 1-2" tall seedlings to 3" containers.

Once these early season plants have 2 sets of true leaves, harden heirloom hybrid tomatoes by exposing them to outside temperatures. Sow Hamson DX52-12 Tomato seeds outdoors once your region"s climate doesn't drop below 50° or 1-2 weeks after your region"s final frost. This medium-sized tomato can adapt in higher elevations and are disease-resistant. These tomato plants need an even distribution of moisture and should be watered 1" per week in the morning. Mix your rich soil and prepare 8-12" holes for semi-determinate tomatoes. Remove the smaller leaves on each plant, leaving a single top set of leaves. Set Hamson DX52-12 plants deep in the hole, with only their top set of sturdy leaves exposed. Space long-vine tomatoes 2-3" apart with 3-4" in between rows. Use a trellis for support, as these medium-sized powerhouse tomatoes grow 8-9 oz fruit with a scarlet-red color and long vines. It"s recommended to irrigate tomatoes after applying a phosphorus-based fertilizer first, then mix in an ammonium sulfate fertilizer. Keep your Hamson tomato crop free from weeds by removing them by hand and laying down mulch.

Even though Hamson DX-52-12 Tomato Seeds are considered to grow as an indeterminate crop for longer growing seasons, this hybrid heirloom can withstand fluctuating temperatures as a semi-determinate in more mountainous regions. Hamson DX 52-12 varieties also thrive as a perennial in warmer southern climates. Although this hybrid heirloom is sturdy with firm texture, tomatoes still need warmer temperatures in order to grow. Hamson Tomato varieties prefer rich and well-drained soil with a pH level of 6.0-6.8. With non-GMO seeds and a round uniform shape, Hamson Tomato crops produce high quality flavor and sweetness that are great for canning. As Colorado has a similar climate to Utah, the Hamson DX52-12, DX-52-12 or DX 52-12 Tomato seed variety originated and was cultivated in the cooler mountainous conditions in Utah State University by Dr. Alvin Hamson.


As Hamson Tomato seeds develop into their medium-sized 8-9 oz fruit, harvest around 70-75 days from the sowing date. Early season tomatoes such as the Hamson DX52-12, were first grown as a mix between two heirlooms in order to provide 2 high quality varieties as one powerhouse tomato plant. These adaptable tomatoes will provide high quality sweet flavor that is great for canning. As a semi determinate crop, tomatoes will provide their final round of fruit before your region"s first frost. As Hamson DX 52-12 plants continue to grow, harvest by gently pulling the red fruit from their calyx hat with one hand, while holding the stem with the other. Use gardening shears so you don't damage the bright scarlet-red fruit. Store Hamson Tomatoes during the warm season by canning them. Be sure to pick your tomatoes as soon as they"ve turned color, in order to keep their timeless sweet flavor.


As an heirloom hybrid crop, these non-GMO Hamson Tomato seeds are a mix between two heirlooms in order to pair and produce 2 high quality varieties as one powerhouse tomato plant.

Hamson DX52-12 Tomato Seeds Per Package:

  • 1 oz - Approximately 10,000 Seeds
  • 4 oz - Approximately 40,000 Seeds
  • 1 lb - Approximately 160,000 Seeds
  • 5 lbs - Approximately 800,000 Seeds

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