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Barley grass sprouting seed, with the hull on (whole barley). Great germination rate and a great seed for sprouting, growing barleygrass and more. Grows healthy, thick bladed barley grass for maximum juice yield. USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO grass seeds ensure health, enjoyment, and satisfaction. These seeds are closely monitored and microbial tested to prevent the possibility of infectious or transmittable diseases to receptacles, such as trays, jars, or sacks. Certified Organic.

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Organic Barley Grass Seeds for nutritional barley Grass, for Juicing, Grind for Barley Flour & Bread

Flavor Description: On the bitter side of all the grasses. Barleygrass is a good grass for people who don't like the sweetness that grass juice can bring.

This seed is unhulled (shell on, whole) which gives it an outstanding germination rate. This barley is best used for sprouting and growing barleygrass, but will need to be hulled in order for food / flour. Here are hulled barley groats (pearled barley) that are ready for soups, grinding into flour etc.

Growing wheatgrass for juicing is something that can be done by anyone who is passionate about enjoying optimum health. Including it in salads and soups supports a healthy daily regimen. This grass seed is certified cultivated, and harvested in the USA. Wheatgrass supplies nourishment for human consumption as well as animals. Nutritional facts and analyses strongly suggest a well-rounded presence of minerals, vitamins, amino acids (the building blocks of life), chlorophyll, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamins A, C, E, and it is rich in B-12. These are only a few.

Harvest time comes quickly--within seven days, and daily watering is advisable. It can be grown in water, sprouted in a jar that is about seven to eight inches in diameter, but is most commonly transferred to a container with potting soil. Allow the seeds to soak in the water for eight to 12 hours. Grow them in the home, either on your kitchen window sill, or at any well-lit window, or your backyard.

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