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35-40 Days. Sinapis alba. Cover Crop. Heirloom. Non-GMO. Mighty Mustard® White Gold seeds are one of the most beneficial, diverse, and quickly maturing cover crops for the home garden. Mighty Mustard® White Gold was specifically bred by the University of Idaho's Dr. Jack Brown to develop the most tolerant garden cover crop ever. White Gold seeds grow a deep taproot to loosen soils, are rich in essential glucosinolate for pest control, while converting nitrogen back into depleted soils as a green manure. Wholesale seeds and bulk available. ~11,250 seeds per oz.

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Growing Mighty Mustard® White Gold Cover Crop Garden Seeds

About Mighty Mustard® White Gold Cover Crop Garden Seeds

Non-GMO Mighty Mustard® White Gold is a diverse short-season cover crop and can be seeded nearly anytime of year for a quick garden mulch and manure. Open-pollinated White Gold mustard seeds are intended for full sun outdoor sowing, broadcast and lightly rake and tamp in nearly any type of garden soil in need to loosening or repair in full sun. Mustard seeds germinate in 5-12 days and mature into a 24-30" tall cover crop with a bright yellow, nearly white, weedy wildflower spread. If mulching back into soil, annual mustard cover crop is best if mowed down 6-8 weeks before planting new crop to allow glucosinolates time to fortify soil. Non-GMO Sinapis alba is a hardy short-season cover crop with no serious pests or diseases, grown for its tolerance to extremes, and is often planted for its glucosinolate content which serves as an all-natural garden pest and insect repellent.

The Mighty Mustard® line of mustard cover crop seeds was developed by dedicated plant breeder and University of Idaho professor of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Dr. Jack Brown. Much like all of Dr. Brown's research, Mighty Mustard® was specifically cultivated to better assist the local environments with an even more robust and abundant cover crop, marked with a noticeable ability in preventing broadleaf weeds. Dr. Jack Brown is most notable for his work in reducing a dependency on crude oils, arguing that alternative fuels and biofuels, can be sustained from oilseed crops such as rapeseed and mustard seed.

The mighty mustards are a special group of mustards specifically developed to have higher concentrations of glucosinolates to function as a soil fumigant. That is what gives them the ability to target nematodes and suppress diseases. Regular mustards, like the Farmer’s Favorite Mix, are more traditional mustard strains. They are edible as mustard greens - a southern favorite. Mighty mustards are not for human consumption. The high concentration of glucosinolate can cause digestive distress in some people.

Mighty Mustard® White Gold Benefits

Non-GMO Mighty Mustard® White Gold was specifically bred and cultivated to increase its ability as a cover crop. Not only can White Gold mustard seeds be sown in the spring as a beneficial summertime companion plant, but are most popularly grown only to be mulched back into the soil as a rich source of season-long nitrogen. White Gold mustard cover crop seeds are a safer, more reliable, source of nitrogen than store bought supplements and additives because there is no risk in burning roots with direct nitrogen contact. And like Daikon radish, Mighty Mustard® White Gold seeds develop a deep taproot to break up hardened soils in overgrown and uncultivated grow spaces.

Wholesale Mighty Mustard® White Gold Cover Crop Seeds Per Package:

  • 4 oz - Wholesale Seeds - Approximately 45,000 Seeds
  • 1 lb - Wholesale Seeds - Approximately 180,000 Seeds
  • 5 lb - Bulk Seeds - Approximately 900,000 Seeds
  • 25 lb - Bulk Seeds - Approximately 4,500,000 Seeds

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