Minute Soil+ - Amended Compressed Coco Coir


Minute Soil Plus is NPK amended fibrous coconut coir that is compressed into light convenient discs or blocks that quickly expand into an amazing grow medium when you add water. Minute Soil Plus has tremendous water retention capabilities that both save water and gives you added flexibility in watering frequency. The fibrous grow medium provides proper aeration to help plants and seedlings establish healthier roots to grow stronger and faster.

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Minute Soil+ - Amended Compressed Coco Coir

Grow directly in Minute Soil Plus, or add Minute soil to the dirt in your garden to improve water holding capacity and aeration. Great for indoor and outdoor container gardening, or traditional gardening. Use for seed starts, potting soil, house plants, herbs, vegetables, flowers, microgreens, wheatgrass, turf and more. Enough NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous & Potassium) for a full grow season.

Minute Soil+ Options

🌱 Block = Expands to 15 gallons of soil, enough to fill a standard wheelbarrow. Perfect for large projects! 

🌱 Brick - 1 Pack = Expands to 1.5 gallons of soil. Ideal for small projects like houseplants and small containers.

🌱 Brick - 3 Pack = Each brick expands to 1.5 gallons of soil. A total of 4.5 gallons. Ideal for multiple small projects. Expand one brick at a time as needed.

🌱 Bucket of Pucks = Expands to 15 gallons of soil, enough to fill a standard wheelbarrow. An innovative solution for expanding soil as you need it. Hydrate one puck at a time for small projects, several for medium projects, or the entire bucket for large projects. All packed in our 5-gallon bucket with ratcheting storage lid. This bucket is designed to last and includes tips, unit-of-measure conversions, seeding depths, soil recipes, rulers, and more. Bucket of Pucks also ships FREE.

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