Grass Mix - Dryland Pasture Seed


A blend of grasses selected to give effective erosion control and bank stabilization.  Includes Crested Wheatgrass, Meadow Brome, Orchardgrass, Slender Wheatgrass, Intermediate Wheatgrass, Small Burnett, and Alfalfa.  25 lb Seed Mix

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Dryland Pasture Grass Seed Mix

  • Crested Wheatgrass 
  • Meadow Brome 
  • Orchardgrass 
  • Slender Wheatgrass 
  • Intermediate Wheatgrass 
  • Small Burnett 
  • Alfalfa 

Ideal protection against the elements. The intricate roots of the various grasses tangle together, gripping the soil in place while providing food for grazing animals. You can plant this mix anytime of the year, as seeds will lie dormant until spring or fall when ideal germination conditions arrive. Does well with sprinkler irrigation or flood irrigation techniques.

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