Geum  Mrs Bradshaw Seed
Geum  Mrs Bradshaw Seed
Geum Flower Garden Seed - Non GMO

Geum Seeds - Mrs. Bradshaw


2nd Year Maturity. Mrs. Bradshaw seeds promise brilliant, hardy, and herbaceous geum perennials that grow as effortlessly as any classic summertime annual. Mrs. Bradshaw seeds deliver robust and well-branching plants that mature at a neat 24 inch tall brimming with lush double and semi-double 3 inch scarlet-orange geum blooms. Mrs. Bradshaw geum seeds are a beautiful sprawling grow perfect for accenting the back of a garden or anywhere wildflowers are popularly sown. Mrs. Bradshaw geum is easy to grow from seed and tolerant to many diseases, insects, and extremes and are an ideal highlight to brighten up any room, office, or patio.


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