Flower Mix - Zinnia Special Collection

SKU: 61379

Attract pollinators all season long with beautiful multi-colored zinnia blooms. Zinnias are not only one of the loveliest flowers in the garden, but they are also easy to grow and can be cut for elegant bouquets. Choose from our two most popular mixes, California Giant Mix and Lilliput Semi-Dwarf Mix. California Giant includes some of the tallest growing zinnias, boasting heights of up to 4 feet tall. The Lilliput Mix is a semi-dwarf species growing up to 2 feet tall with dense, bushy pompom blooms. Their bright colors include rose, gold, red, pink, canary, coral, orange, and scarlet.

🏵️13 Grams = ~1,500 seeds 🦋1 Oz =~3,000 seeds.


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