Cress - Upland microgreen and Herb Seed
Cress - Upland microgreen and Herb Seed
Non-GMO Upland Cress, Bulk Sizes
upland cress seed packet

Cress Seeds - Upland

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Non-GMO, Heirloom Upland Cress Herb Garden Seed from True Leaf Market. Barbarea verna. Upland Cress, also known as "European greens" is native to regions in China. Upland Cress is a low-growth biennial that's often grown as a hardy annual and shouldn't be confused with its watercress relatives. This cress variety produces green jagged leaves that are best used early in the season as bright baby greens. Upland Cress has a pepper flavor close to radish and provides gardeners with fresh options to enjoy as microgreens!

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