Anise Microgreens
Anise Microgreens
Non-GMO Anise Microgreens Seeds

Anise - Microgreens Seeds


17 to 20 days. Non-GMO. Pimpinella anisum. Anise herb gardening seeds grown as microgreens. Micro-anise has a mild licorice flavor. It has even been referred to as the "licorice microgreen" because it has a strong licorice flavor--even more than certain basils that have licorice undertones. With serrated true leaves, anise microgreens have a unique look and an even more unique flavor. NOTE: Our anise lots are at 49% - 70% germination, which more than meets state and federal standards for anise seeds. For some, however, this germination rate is too low for their microgreens needs. At True Leaf Market, we share this information so you can make the growing decision that is right for you. We will remove this notice once higher germination lots are received.


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