Even though we put the cut-flower mix in with our wildflower mixes, it is really better handled differently. We sow wildflower mostly in the late fall, or early spring. Although you could sow fall or spring, I prefer to plant this collection of annual flowers in the sprint. That may not be what you expected. Please feel free to re-word this.

For best results, plant in prepared soil after danger of frost has passed. Full sun is best, but some varieties will tolerate part shade. Broadcast the seed thinly over the prepared soil then lightly rake the seed in. Keep the soil moist through the seedling phase (four weeks or so). Water regularly but not excessively after that.

If planting in the fall, plant very late, early winter really. Just before a late rain or before the first snow is good. Again, lightly rake the seed into the top half inch or so of the seed bed. Let it come up naturally in the spring.

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