Instructions - Stack & Grow

***Assembly is simple and requires no tools***


  • One Cart/Bottom Tray
  • Three Open-Center Trays
  • One Closed-Center Tray


  • Step 1: Place the card face down on a solid surface. Insert one wheel into each of the four holes on the bottom of the cart using moderate pressure and a slight rocking motion.
  • Step 2: Place one planting tray on the cart and rotate it until it drops firmly into place.
  • Step 3: Add potting soil to each planting pocket and the entire outer ring of this tray. Plant each of the pockets.
  • Step 4: Fill, plant and stack the remaining trays. Make sure the pins on the bottom of each tray lock into the holes on the top of the tray below it.
  • Step 5: Water your new plants right away. Be sure to water each of the planting pockets each time you water. Check frequently to be sure that the plants are receiving sufficient water. Excess water will drain to the bottom tray. Over time the soil mix may settle requiring you to add additional soil for the health of the plants.
HELPFUL HINTS: One of the planting trays has a closed center allowing it to be filled with additional plants. When planting small plants, use the closed-center tray in the top position. If you choose to plant larger plants in the center section, you can move the closed-center tray down to the 1st, 2nd or 3rd, tray position to create a progressively deeper planting area. If you are planting a bush or small tree in the center, the closed-center tray should be placed at the bottom closest to the base or bottom tray to provide the maximum amount of soil depth for the roots.
Additional planting trays my be added to your Stack & Grow up to a maximum of 8 trays. We do not recommend stacking more than eight trays as it may make your Stack & Grow unstable.
A variety of plants may be planted in your Stack & Grow including flowers, herbs, strawberries, small vegetables, cactus and more. The wheels on the bottom cart allow you to easily move your Stack & Grow. When the soil is removed, the complete stack may be collapsed for easy storage.
One year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.


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