Plug Planting Instructions | Bloom Master Planters

How to Plant Your Bloom Master

Planting Bloom Master baskets and planters is incredibly simple. In this set of instructions and Chase is going to walk you through step by step. Here he’s planting a lettuce box.

step 1
Grab your Bloom Master hanging basket or planter box. In this case we’re using a planter box.

step 2
Now grab your tray of plugs. You can pick up a flat of your favorites at your local garden shop or just start your own from seed. If you start your own from seed we have some instructions to help you out with that as well. Again, pictured here are Chase’s lettuce starts. He used those cool peat pellets (number 7). They work great, but are a little more pricey.

step 3
Now for the potting mix. Any kind will work. Of course fertilizer and moisture holding mixes are the best. Moisten the potting mix until its good and wet.

step 4
Moisten your potting mix. Then fill the basket up to just above the bottom edge of the 1st row of holes. Then insert the plug through the basket hole, from the outside, plug end first.

step 5
Another reason we like the peat pellets is because they fit perfectly through the bloom master openings and they make for a more tidy planting.

step 6
Chase broke out the back netting of the pellet to help the roots grow into the rest of the mix.

step 7
Once you’ve planted that row you will need to add more of the potting mix to cover the plugs. Build up to the next row of openings.

step 8
Water again when you’re all planted up.

step 9
Notice here that chase did not plant every hole and the mix does not fall out. The earlier shot showed that the planting part can get pretty messy. Soil will come through the holes as you plant but once everything is set, soil will stay put even when you water.

You can see in the pictures that these boxes and baskets will look pretty plain and empty right after you plant them. But to show you how well they fill out, below is the same box of lettuce. We started from seed just two months earlier and Chase transplanted them (as seen in the photos) just six weeks earlier. Pretty amazing results.

So we don’t forget the flowers, here is what the 3 gallon basket looks like grown out full of petunias. They are planted the same way.