Planting with Coco Coir Pellets

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Here we are showing you how to plant with Coconut Coir Pellets.

1. Pour warm water over the Coconut Coir Pellets in a tray. When the pellets have expanded, which may take up to 10 minutes, drain excess water from the tray.
2. Gently press 1 to 2 seeds into each pellet. Lightly water with a misting spray bottle.
3. Gently squeeze the tops of the pellets to slightly cover the seeds.
4. Set in a warm and bright location (not in direct Sunlight). When the plant roots have penetrated the sides of the pellets, remove weaker plants leaving one strong plant in each pellet. After 5-6 weeks, plants may be transplanted into a container or directly outdoors if weather permits.

Deep, rich soil is essential for growing plants. Keep soil consistently moist and fertilize throughout the growing season. Select a good, warm sunny location with preferably a southwestern exposure. This will help ensure excellent results. For best results, refer to your seed packets instructions.

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