More Than A Bucket!

15 Uses For a 5-Gallon Bucket

You’ve seen it before, and you will see it again, 5 Gallon buckets are one of the most popular tools available. They can be used for dozens of purposes! Here we are outlining 15 of our favorite uses for a five-gallon bucket. If you have a unique purpose for your buckets, show us online. Tag @TrueLeafMarket with #MoreThanABucket to share your ideas.

5-Gallon Bucket With Ratcheting Lid

Seed and Soil Uses

5-Gallon Bucket Garden Seed Storage

1. Seed Collection and Storage - Has your collection grown beyond the mason jar or plastic baggies? Keep your seeds organized and dry with this easy-to-open bucket.

Composting in a 5-Gallon Bucket

2. Composting - You don’t need to have a big bin to start composting. Follow the indicated levels marked on this bucket for a no-hassle start to composting. Add materials, and easily mix the components together. Keep it simple.

More Than a Bucket - filled with chicken feed

3. Storing Animal Feed - Are you tired of dragging bags of chicken feed around every morning? Make your life a little easier with an easy-to-carry bucket. Scoop your feed and replace the lid to prevent your outdoor friends from making a mess when you’re not looking. (Photo: @meglivingfree)

Making worm tea from worm castings with 5-gallon bucket

4. Worm Tea - In addition to the composting and potato growing instructions, this bucket features an easy-to-follow worm tea recipe. Increase soil nutrients, quality, and water retention while protecting your plants from aphids, white flies, and mites. With some worm castings and a bucket, you can improve your soil overnight.

5-gallon bucket and pottiing soil ingredients

5. Custom Potting Mix - Do you prefer mixing your own potting soil? Or do you want to make adjustments to pre-mixed soil bags? Add each component to your bucket and mix with ease. Any unused soil can easily be stored with a convenient ratcheting lid. Follow the instructions printed on the side of your bucket to create your own traditional or succulent potting soil.

Growing Uses

Hydroponic growing wall and bucket reservoir

6. Hydroponic Planting System - Build a shelf system with some PVC pipe. Simply add water and nutrients to your bucket and pump the water to the top. Allow the water to flow down the pipe system and back into your bucket. As your plants use up the water, you can easily fill your bucket of water back to the desired fill level.

Composting in a 5-Gallon Bucket

7. Growing Potatoes- This bucket has been specially designed with potato growing instructions right on the side. Follow each step for homegrown potatoes that can be turned upside-down for an easy harvest.

Flower Collecting Bucket

8. Collecting Cut Flowers - Any florist can tell you how many buckets they go through during peak flower season. Hydrate your cut flowers from the field to home. Carry this bucket with some water into the flower patch to keep your blooms happy and hydrated. (Photo:@hands_tellastory)

Collecting fresh honey

9. Collecting Honey - Are you a beekeeper harvesting your own honey? Make your own honey bucket by adding a filtration system and spout. Filling jars and jars of honey doesn’t have to be expensive.

5-gallon bucket and pottiing soil ingredients

10. Container Gardening - Do you have limited space for growing a garden? We understand the struggle it can be to find containers fit for growing vegetables in a patio or balcony setting. Make it easy by adding some rocks to the bottom of your bucket for drainage. Follow with your preferred growing medium. We recommend using Minute Soil+ Amended Coco Coir for a whole season of nutrients included. Add your seeds or plants, and provide care according to your plant types. With an easy-to-move bucket, you don’t have to worry about leaving your garden behind when moving.

Outdoor Use

5-Gallon Bucket Garden Seed Storage

11. DIY Emergency Kit - Emergencies and natural disasters happen. You just don’t want to get stuck being unprepared when one happens. Get prepared by using your 5-gallon bucket as an easy-to-grab emergency kit. Add seeds, food, water, flashlights, clothes, etc. Keep everything dry and ready to go in a second. When using a bucket, you can keep your belongings clean and dry while you figure out your next move.

Camping bucket seat chair

12. Bucket Seat or Stool - Sitting on a bucket seems like a natural thing to do when you need some rest from working in the yard all day. Take this a step further by making your own tush cushion for a more comfortable seat. Take this comfy seat on the go for a campout with family and friends. Get your use out of it by packing your sleeping bag, clothes, air mattress, and more in it. (Photo: @barngoddessbbq)

More Than a Bucket - filled with chicken feed

13. Backpacking Kit - Add a backpack sling to this bucket and take it up the mountains. If you have been backpacking before, you know how important it is to pack light. Keep your belongings in your bucket until you are ready to set up camp. Add some water and soap on the go for a quick washing machine for your clothes.

Making worm tea from worm castings with 5-gallon bucket

14. Camping Toilet - Picture this, you have an awesome campsite, beverages for days, and great company, but you wish you had a bathroom out in the woods. Some people just prefer to sit rather than squat. Turn this bucket into a loo by lining it and taking care of business.

5-gallon bucket and pottiing soil ingredients

15. Solar Cooker - Add a windshield reflector and some cooking supplies for an oven on the go. This is a great option for cooking outdoors without heavy pots, pans, griddles, or propane. Add these items to your backpack, you’ll be prepared for a cookout as long as the sun is out.