Juicer & Juicing Starter Guide

Worried about growing space?
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Wheatgrass, sprouting, and microgreens can be grown in a very small counter top space. Check out our kits page for all you need to get started!
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Why Should You Invest In a Juicer?
Benefits of Juicing at Home:
  1. You control the ingredients and ingredient sources.
  2. You can process your own garden produce. My sister juiced the pomegranates from her tree last year, it was the most delicious straight pomegranate juice I have ever tasted!
  3. You will save a lot of money juicing your own juice.
Benefits of Drinking Fresh Living Juices:
  1. Drinking juice is easy on your digestive system. The nutrients in the juice are readily available for assimilation into your bloodstream.
  2. Many people use juicing when doing cleanses and dieting. You are able to get nutrition without huge amounts of calories, especially from vegetable juices.
  3. The fresher, the better! Ann Wigmore, wheatgrass and living food pioneer, recommended you drink juice within 6 minutes of juicing to get the full benefits.
  4. Feel rejuvenated!

Omega Electric Juicer

TheOmega Electric Juicer is one of our most popular electric juicers.

Hurricane Manual Juicer

The Hurricane Manual Juicer is one of our most popular manual juicers.

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Manual vs. Electric vs. Commercial

When you start the wheatgrass and juicing habit, the most important decision you make might be the juicer you chose. If you choose the right one, juicing and clean-up will be a joy and pleasure to do each day. First you need to decide how much you have in the budget and how much juice you will be making each day. If you are just juicing for yourself and will be doing mostly 1-2 ounces of wheatgrass or barleygrass juice in a day then a manual juicer works great. With a manual juicer you can also add in other softer fruits and veggies if you want. A manual juicer is extremely portable, cost effective and works great if you travel a lot. However, if you have a bigger family you will be juicing for and you really want to throw in the option to do carrots, celery, lots of apples and other fruits and veggies, baby foods, and pastas then you will most definitely want to get a home electric juicer. The final class of juicer is a commercial electric juicer, these are generally for juice bars with extremely heavy usage, but if you want something that will last forever and do a great job then it will be a great home juicer as well. If you just can’t decide between a manual and an electric juicer you can start out with a manual and upgrade later, we offer a trade in program with all of our manual juicers. This program works great if you are just not sure if you will stick with juicing. Our recommendations for each category are as follows: (note: all of our juicers will do wheatgrass juice well)

  1. Manual Juicers - Top Recommendation: Hurricane Stainless Steel Manual (will do wheatgrass, and most fruits and veggies. Harder veggies and fruits like carrots don’t do well)
  2. Home Electric Juicers – Top Recommendations: Omega 8007/8008 or Omega NC900HDC Nutrition Center Masticating Juicer
  3. Commercial Electric Juicers - Top Recommendation: Samson Super Juicer or Miracle Pro Geen Manchine
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How to Find the Right Juicer For You?

Call us at 801-491-8700. We can help you find the best juicer for your needs, and we can work with you and find a used juicer or one on special to meet your budget!
When trying to decide which juicer would work best for you answer the following questions:

  1. Do you want an electric juicer or manual juicer as discussed above?
  2. Do you want to be able to do things other than juice?
    • Many masticating juicers will do nut butters, sorbets, baby food, pasta, soy and almond milk, grind spices, mince herbs and press garlic.
  • What is your budget, we can help with that! Call us at 866-948-4727 for help finding deals, used juicers, growing kit combos and more options to make your juicer affordable.
  • Other considerations are size, color, and ease of clean-up.
  • juice your own fresh wheatgrass juice

    • Easiest clean up by far is a manual stainless steel juicer , and the stainless steel electric juicers (Super Angel and Samson Ultra) We have found both the Samson line of electric juicers and Omega electric juicers to be very easy to clean as well.
    • Color: Stainless steel juicers will keep their look the longest and match almost anything, but if you want white, chrome, black or even red we have those as well.
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    What Kind of Juicer Will Juice Wheatgrass, Barleygrass, & Sprouts?

    The grasses such as wheatgrass, barleygrass, oat grass and Kamut are extremely coarse and some juicers can’t press the fibrous grass enough to extract juice. Here is a list of all of the juicers we carry. They will all juice grasses and sprouts. Why are these juicers special? Most standard juicers are called centrifugal juicers, spinning really fast and chewing up the fruit or veggies you put in and spitting out the juice. When trying to juice grass, they will just chew it up and get out small amounts of juice. Masticating juicers with pressing augers squeeze and press at a very low rotation per minute will get much more juice out of the grass. Many living food enthusiast like the masticating juicers better because they turn at such a slow rotation that they don’t pull in oxygen which will start to kill the enzymes in the juice. Living food enthusiasts will also tell you to drink the juice as soon as you juice it for the maximum life force!

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