About Demetrios Agathangelides

Demetrios Agathangelides is the founder of Mountain Valley Seed, Inc. He grew up in Greece, attending the American Farm School there. After school, he immigrated to the United States, attending Utah State University, graduating with a degree in Plant Science. Demetrios started Mountain Valley Seeds by sorting vegetable seeds into small envelopes on his kitchen counter with his wife Diane for the local farmers.For over 55 years, he has been involved in promoting gardening, researching and testing strains, and working to familiarize the general public on the benefits of growing their own food. He specializes in studying vegetable varieties for short growing seasons and promoting them. Demetrios asserts that short season varieties should grow virtually anywhere. Conducting hundreds of gardening seminars, Demetrios continues to teach about the value of gardening. He has frequently been a guest expert on local radio gardening talk shows. Demetrios also has an insatiable appetite for folk dancing that rivals his love for growing from seed.

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