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Sprouts from organic mung beans are crunchy, delicious and healthy. A staple of Chinese cooking, they go great in sprouting mixes, salads, soups and more. Available in small quantity to bulk, all in resealable packaging. Certified Organic.


Mung Bean Sprouting Seeds

  • Resealable Packaging
  • Certified Organic
  • Microbial Tested
  • High Germination Rate
  • Sprouts & Sprouting
  • Food Storage
  • Oriental Cooking & Recipes
  • More

Organic Mung Bean Sprout Seed is excellent for sprouts & sprouting, food storage, soup, cooking, oriental recipes & garden seed. Mung bean seeds are one of our most popular sprouting seed / beans.

Organic Mung Bean Sprouts are rich in protein as well as vitamin A, the vitamin B complex, vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as various minerals and enzymes.

Calories in Beansprouts, Alfalfa Sprouts: 1 Cup = 10 calories. One pound of Organic Mung Bean Sprouts Seeds make about 10 pounds of Organic mung beans sprouts. Organic Mung bean sprouts have a crisp, crunchy texture and a flavor similar to fresh-picked garden peas.

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Johnstown, PA

GREAT in soup

So far I mostly use these in soup. SWANSON has a new CHINESE HOT & SOUR broth out and it makes a great soup with these. I know it would be better if I made it from scratch but well ya know....


Tried another, big mistake

<p>I ordered a 35 lb. bucket of mung seed from HP a few years ago. It took me a few years to use it up, however even three years later, the germination rate was very high and all seeds seemed to develop at the same rate.</p><p>For some reason, I decided that I needed a smaller amount and opted for four pounds from someone else (based on an internet rating). Wow! What a mistake! Many more beans were cracked. Many had brown hulls (during soaking) instead of green, which appears to indicate internal cracking (based on the crumbling seed leaves upon emergance). And, the number of 'stunted' sprouts was far greater.</p><p>I've learned my lesson. I doubt that I'll buy another 35 lb. bucket (I'm almost 72 years old), but I'll certainly order from HP this winter.</p>

One of Our Favorite Beans to Sprout!


We like these to sprout by themselves or in combo with others like Adzuki beans- use in oriental stir fries, wraps, salads, green drinks, soups etc. My husband takes a snack bag full of Mung/Adzuki bean sprout combo and swears they give him an energy boost in the afternoon. We sprout these in Sproutman's Hemp Bags (sold on this site) and after soaking & rinsing we hang the bags on a little cup hook under the cupboard to drip into a small bowl.

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