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Non-GMO Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce (Lactuca sativa), is a type of leaf lettuce. It’s one of the fastest and easiest types of lettuce to grow. Great for salads, sandwiches, and any other thing you can do with lettuce. It grows best in cool weather but loves the sun. Great for any garden.

Black Seeded Simpson Leaf Lettuce - Heirloom Vegetable Garden Seeds

Non-GMO Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is a type of leaf lettuce. It’s one of the fastest growing types of leaf lettuce. You can harvest Black Seeded Simpson as early as 45 days after planting. It has a light sweet flavor and a delicate texture.

Black Seeded Simpson is an annual that grows in zones 3-9. It is a cool weather crop, but it needs full sun to really thrive. In warmer areas, Black Seeded Simpson can be planted in the fall for a late harvest. When grown during the summer it needs to be protected from extreme heat.

Black Seeded Simpson is great for salads, sandwiches, as a garnish, in smoothies, and other recipes.

Latin Name: Lactuca sativa
Variety: Leaf Lettuce
Other Names: Leaf Lettuce
Seeds per Oz: Approx 16,000
Days to Maturity: Approx 40-49

Non-GMO: Yes
Organic: No
Heirloom: Yes
Treated: No
Pelleted: No
Hybrid: No
Open Pollinated: Yes

Plant Type: Annual
Hardiness Zone: 3-9
Uses: Vegetable, Cooking, Salads, Sandwiches
Temp Preference: Cooler
Light Preference: Full Sun, or Partial Shade
Resistances: Heat tolerant and slow to bolt.

Comments: Recommended by USU for Utah. One of the first varieties to be declared and “heirloom”.

Seed Planting Depth Seeds per Ounce Germination Temperature Days to Germination Row Spacing Plant Spacing 100' Row Yield Sun
¼” or sprinkle seeds on soil, and water in Approx 16,000 60 to 70 F 7-10 12” 12” 50 lbs Full Sun or Partial Shade

Sowing: It’s recommended that you direct sow your seeds outdoors. Plant as soon as soil can be worked. If starting indoors, start seeds in trays 3 weeks before transplanting outside. Seeds need light to germinate, so do not cover them with too much soil.

Transplanting: Harden off your lettuce for 3 days before planting outside. Dig a small hole, and cover the roots and the bottom part of the stem with soil. Roots are shallow, so be careful not to disturb the beds once they are planted.

Soil Preference: Cool, loose soil. The temperature needs to be below 70 degrees for the seeds to germinate properly.

Other Tips: Keep soil moist, but not soggy. Lettuce needs direct sun, but over heating can cause it to wilt, or prematurely bolt.

When harvesting, use scissors to cut what you need, and you will get growth for a few more weeks. Use leaves before they get too big, as they tend to get bitter the bigger they are.

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