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Find Stack & Grow planters and other products at True Leaf Market! For years, we have been providing planters that utilize space so you can grow a full herb and vegetable garden no matter where you are. Our amazing stackable, self-watering garden planters allow growers to garden vertically, growing herbs, flowers, strawberries, cacti, and house plants. Our design holds up to 20 plants. It is great for indoors or outdoors. Additional inserts may be added to increase planting space!

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Why Stack & Grow Planters?

Stack and grow planters allow your vegetable, herb, succulent, or flower garden to thrive on the balcony, deck, porch, and/or inside your home! And it holds up 20 plants, with virtually no assembly, making for easy moving and storage capabilities. The simple, unique design makes assembly quick and easy--not tools required.The beautiful colored trays measure 24" wide and stack on top of each other, clicking easily into place. When assembled, the apparatus is 15" tall. Stack & grow planters have UV protection and are great for indoor and outdoor use. Each planter comes with wheels that make moving the planters easy and a hanging chain to hoist above ground. Water the top level, and the water will drain to the lower levels through the drain holes. Weighs approximately 9.6 lbs. BPA-free.

Stack & Grow - Full Grown Herb Garden

The Stack and Grow Herb Garden

Growing herbs in our stackable planters can be fun and cost effective! Herbs are easy to grow from seed and easy to maintain all year round. Grow various assortments for their medicinal properties, use in tea making, and/or use in cooking!

Stack & Grow - Assorted Flower Garden



The Stack and Grow Flower Garden



The perks of growing flowers in garden planters are vast. Plant a wide variety of plants and bring them inside when weather become unbearable. Utilize space on your balcony or deck!

Stack & Grow - Succulent Garden



The Stack and Grow Succulent Garden



Stack and Grow planters have such a well developed drainage system that Cactus and Succulents do very well in our containers. Choose a sand mixture developed for such plants to assure proper moisture level. These will grow best in full sun locations.

Stack & Grow - Various Grown House Plants



The Stack and Grow House Plant Garden



Create your own custom arrangement of assorted of house plants. Bring that sense of the outdoors right to the comfort of your own home. With the Stack & Grow planter, you can give your plants a breath of fresh air and sunshine, helping them to thrive and then bring them back inside.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How big is the Stack & Grow when it is assembled?

24" wide and 15" tall. Additional trays can be purchased making it 24" wide and 30" tall.

2. How do the trays stack together?

No tools or additional parts are required for assembly! The trays interlock by lining up pins & holes on each tray. Simple to follow instructions are included with each planter.

3. What is the Stack & Grow made of?

High-quality UV-protected polypropylene plastic. It won't stain your deck or cement walkway like ceramic pots.

4. How high can the Stack & Grow reach?

The planter has been designed to be stacked a maximum of 8 planting trays high. Additional expansion trays must be purchased. No additional hardware needed for stability.

5. Why does one tray have a closed bottom while the other trays are open?

The bottom tray holds the soil while the other open (or "bottomless") trays hold it in, acting as walls. This gives the Stack and Grow a "center" of soil where the roots can expand and thrive.

6. Which plants grow best in the Stack & Grow?

There is a large variety of plants that grow well in the Stack & Grow planter. We recommend 2-4" potted flowers or plants. The Stack & Grow makes a great strawberry garden, lettuce garden, herb garden, or decorative-plant garden.

7. How do I keep plants from over-growing?

Prune, pinch, and deadhead your garden regularly. It will prolong the life of your plants while keeping them looking their best.

8. Will my plants die if I go out of town for a few days?

Water all your stackable planters well and place in a shady location to help plants from drying out while you are away. Lack of sun for a short period of time will not hurt your container garden. The maximum amount of time to leave your planter is 3 to 4 days.


Stack & Grow - Assorted Retail Stackers in Packaging

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