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True Leaf Market Knowledge Center

woman harvesting carrots

Short Season Vegetable Gardening - Early Maturing Varieties

Article Coming Soon!

peppers in a field

Heat Tolerant Vegetables

Article coming soon!

man planting lettuce in planter box

Early Spring Vegetable Planting

The first day of spring has arrived and it is time to get working in the garden if you haven’t already started. Depending on your local weather and average last spring frost date, work in the garden may look different...

Clover - Shamrock Close Up

Irish Gardens and Lucky Flowers - St. Patrick's Day

Everybody wants to be lucky. We do things all the time to bring luck to ourselves and our friends or families. Things like wearing specific articles of clothing, crossing fingers, wishing on a star, repeating a saying, etc. Athletes often...

Cutting Rosemary

Spring Herb Garden Essentials

You hear all the time how important and valuable growing a vegetable garden is. But how often do you hear about the importance of herbs? Herbs infuse flavor and life into cooked or fermented foods. When you cook fresh fruits...

Assortment of salad greens

Guide to Salad Greens

What Are Salad Greens? Salad Greens are any vegetable leaves eaten raw that may include petioles, shoots, and flowers. Many people simply think of lettuce, spinach, or kale as salad greens. The truth is these are only a small portion...

Common Cold Hardy Annual Larkspur Flowers Consolida orientalis

Hardy Annuals for Spring or Fall Planting

What Does Cold-Hardy Mean? The time between New Year's and your last frost date can feel like an eternity. This has been one of those years for us as we continue to receive scattered snow storms. We definitely need the...

man holding a basket of cucumbers

Guide to Cucumber Types

Cucumbers come in many shapes and sizes. They are also used for many different things, including pickles, salads, relish, fresh eating, smoothies, water, and more! With all of these uses, how do you pick the right one? The answer is...

Giant Pumpkin Swiss Contest Winner

How to Grow a Giant Pumpkin Guide

Growing award-winning giant pumpkins is a sport. Giant pumpkin growers are as dedicated to their growth as athletes are to their sports. It is a world of its own! The current pumpkin world record holder is Stefano Cutrupi from Italy....

Pinto Beans with variations in color

Examples of Seed Variation - Natural vs Man-Made Materials

Is It Normal For Seeds to Vary in Color, Size, and Shape? The short answer is yes. Any given seed will have a regular shape, size, and color or pattern associated with it. However, seeds are a natural product that...

Person writing in a notebook or calendar

How To Plan A Garden

Originally Published Nov 24, 2021 Updated Feb 20, 2023 It's that time of year again, and I love planning a new garden! If you have grown a garden in the past, start by evaluating what went well and what you...

Edible Chrysanthemum Greens on a Woven Mat

Growing and Cooking Chrysanthemum Greens (Shungiku)

I love chrysanthemums, don’t you? Did you know chrysanthemums represent joy and happiness, are edible, and are the birth flower for November? Usually, when people think of Chrysanthemums, they think of the popular fall flower. But the entire plant is...

Grandpa Handing Granddaughter a tomato in the garden

Best Tomato Plants to Grow - Tomato Guide

Originally Published July 12, 2022 Updated February 7, 2023 Tomatoes come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. But which one is right for you? To answer that question, you will want to round up the answers to the following...

One Tray Away and Donny Greens

Learn How to Grow Microgreens – The One Tray Away Challenge

Are you interested in starting a microgreens growing business? Are you already growing microgreens but want to improve your methods and yields? True Leaf Market has teamed up with professional microgreens entrepreneur, Donny Greens, to provide seeds for his One...

Valentine’s Day Flowers - Love and Life

Valentine’s Day Flowers - Love and Life

What is Valentine's Day - The Legend of St. Valentine Valentine's Day is upon us. A day that many adore and dread. What exactly is Valentine's Day about? Why has it persuaded so many people to adorn their surroundings with...

hanging basket full of flowers

14 Hanging Basket Flowers for Full and Cascading Blooms

Hanging flower baskets are one of the most popular ways to display blooms all season long. They can quickly add a flash of color around your home and patio or attract pollinators to the garden. Not only are hanging baskets...

Holding a sunflower microgreen

What Do Microgreens Taste Like?

Many microgreens are edible at the microgreens stage of growth. This is the period of time after a vegetable has sprouted and developed its cotyledon and true leaves. Because microgreens are developed from the energy and nutrients stored in the...

Popcorn spilling out of theater cup

How To Grow Your Own Popcorn

Popcorn is a beloved treat at our house. Have you ever tried growing, harvesting, and preserving your own? True Leaf Market has several popcorn varieties you could try. Lately we have been obsessed with the Rainbow Jewel Popcorn. It not...

Cat eating wheatgrass grown in self-watering tray

The Benefits of Wheatgrass for Pets!

Published July 18, 2017 Updated January 24, 2023 I have often caught my cat, Curie, coming in after a long day of cat stuff with blades of lawn grass stuck in her teeth and whiskers. Or, I have come into...

bags of frozen vegetables

Guarantee Your Food Security

After closing out 2022, many people are wondering what will happen with the state of food prices throughout 2023. Unfortunately, there are still many questions and factors that will continue to play out this year. The stark rise in food...

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