Micro-Mats Hydroponic Grow Pads 5"x 5"


Micro-Mats hydroponic growing pads - 5" x 5". Made from biodegradable and compostable wood fibers, these grow pads provide an excellent medium to grow wheatgrass, barley grass or microgreens without soil. Fits 5" x 5" trays.

Micro-Mats Grow Pads - 5"x5"Hydroponic Medium for Wheatgrass & Microgreens

  • Ideal for Hydroponic growing
  • Measures 4" by 4" dry
  • When wet, fits 5" x 5" growing trays
  • High water holding capacity
  • Handy Pantry Micro MatsFor: wheatgrass, barleygrass and microgreens
  • Free from plastic and synthetic fibers
  • Produced from sustainably harvested wood
  • Product approved for use in Organic Systems
  • Organic Farmers & Growers Standards
  • Made with wood fibers
  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable
  • Pathogen-free

These 5x5 inch Micro-Mats are wonderful for growing wheatgrass, barley grass, microgreens, or other plants in smaller 5x5 tray inserts, without the hassle of dealing with soil. They are designed to fit in 5x5 trays nested in a larger drip tray, for sectional growing:

Bottom: 10"x 20" drip tray - Middle: 5"x5" Tray Inserts - Top: Micro-Mats Hydroponic Grow Pads

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