Trail Sprouting Bag Combo


Few things make the summit more enjoyable than taking it in with a deliciously fresh and healthy meal. You’ve earned it; besides, the backcountry is no place to run low on nutrition. So freshen up those processed, dehydrated, vacuum-sealed bags of pre-prepared meals. Enjoy freshness the way Mother Nature intended.

Sprouts are light, nutritionally packed, and rich in flavor; the backpackers perfect meal supplement for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And the Mountain Valley Seed Co. Trail Sprouting Bag, clipped to a pack with a light carabiner, is the simplest way to sprout on the go. Try radish, clover, mustard, alfalfa, soybean, lentils, and or even some of our own mixes like the organic Grand Canyon Kick Mix or Sandwich Blend.

This Product Includes:

1 Hemp Sprouting bag with drawstring and carabiner

1 Plastic sprouting lid for wide mouth mason jar sprouting

1 Mylar packaged and hermetically sealed 3 ounces of Grand Canyon Kick Mix sprouting seed

How to Grow Trail Sprouts:

1. Sterilize your Hemp Sprouting Bag by turning it inside out and bathing it in boiling water for 5 mintues.

2. Soak seed mixture overnight—about eight to ten hours.

3. Pour soaked seeds into pre-washed bag and pull the draw string. Rinse with fresh water and hang.

4. Rinse regularly, twice per day (think breakfast and dinner)

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