Indoor Herbal Tea Herb Garden Kit


Start your herb tea herbs indoors or outdoors in this herbal tea herb growing herb kit. Grow and brew your own herbal teas! 12 different, vibrant and delicious herb tea seeds with everything you need to grow them and brew them into herbal tea.

Herbal Tea Herb Garden Starter Kit

You can create delicious infusions, and decoctions by just adding your fresh herbs to boiling water. Our kit is designed to help you start herbs in your own kitchen with a neat little 12" x 12" x 5" greenhouse. This greenhouse provides the perfect climate for fast herb propagation and growth. Once you get your herbs started you can transfer them to your garden, or to a large pot for indoor growing. We have included twelve different types of herbs for you to try. You will be growing your own tea herbs in no time. Once you have grown your herbs, make your own tea bags using the t-sacs found in the kit or brew your tea using a special infuser in the kit!

Each Kit Includes:

Assortment of 12 Herb Tea Seeds

Each packet of seed contains much more seed than is needed for the kit. Experiment inside as well as outside.Lemon Balm Rosemary, Peppermint, Chamomile, Lavender, Lemon Bergamot, Sage, Anise, Purple Coneflower (echinacea), Fennel, White Yarrow, Calendula.

Package of 50 Jiffy Peat Pellets

The convenient, no-mess way to start seeds. Just add water--pellets expand to form pot and soil in one. Canadian sphagnum (peat moss) provides a rich, high quality growing environment. Transplant directly into the ground or larger containers-minimizes transplant shock and root damage.

Greenhouse Dome and Garden Tray

Measures 12" x 12" x 5" and provides the perfect growing environment for your new herb seeds. Made from recyclable plastic. Reusable.

The Herb E-Book on CD ROM

Herb-use information and growing instructions all on a colorful CD-ROM Disk for your computer home library. ($9.95 Value) FREE with herb kit purchase!

100 T-Sacs (single serving size)

Loose Tea Filter bags, make your own flavor of tea!

Tea Infuser

Mesh ball infuser, throw some tea leaves in the ball and dip it in your tea cup or tea pot.

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