Shipping Policies

United States

Please allow up to 2 business days for order processing.

All orders above $35 will receive free shipping (Lower 48 States Only). Any purchase below $35 in the lower 48 states will be charged a flat rate of $5.95.

When shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, additional fees may apply--unless you are able to fit the entirety of your order in one flat rate box.


Due to Canadian customs restrictions, we can only ship 1 pound of small seed crops per lot, or 10 pounds of large seeded crops.

Large seed crops include peas, beans, corn, and most grains like barley and wheat.

Small seeded crops include alfalfa, broccoli, radish, and onions.

One must also obtain a certificate of analysis issued by a ISTA seed lab. The Utah state seed lab (where we are located) and most other state labs are AOSA certified.

We have found this link useful:


We have shipped seeds internationally and are happy to help you through the process.

In many countries, seeds are a regulated product and may require special documentation and/or permitting.

The most common requirements:

  • A Phytosanitary Certificate – If you require a phytosanitary certificate we can work with our local office of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to obtain a certificate. The fee is $65 per shipment.
  • An Import Permit – Some countries also require an import permit. You would need to provide this permit issued by the destination government.

There may be additional requirements or descriptions depending on the destination country and the crops being imported. We try to be aware of each country’s requirements but it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure you comply with the local regulations and have the appropriate paperwork.

***We DO NOT have a dealership program.

***We generally prefer to ship most overseas orders by global priority mail.