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Solar Cap Automatic Plant Protector Dome
Price: $49.00-$420.00

Solar Cap Plant Protector Dome The Solar Cap’s most advanced feature is the automatic, self-sealing heat valve. The temperature sensitive dynamic coil regulates the temperature inside the Solar Cap. During the warmest times of the day the valve automatically opens and remains open to allow excess heat to escape and cool air to enter the chamber. When the temperature drops to about 66 F, the valve automatically closes and remains closed to trap in the day’s heat, which speeds seed germination...

Solar Cone Plant Protector
Price: $22.00-$70.00

The Solar Cone Plant Protector The Solar Cone by SafeGrow is a reusable translucent foam protection system made from .25 inch foam. Each Cone comes with 4 anchor pins to secure the cone to the soil. Use the Solar Cones to extend the growing season, protect plants from animals, hail and freezing temperatures. The Solar Cone extends the growing season by keeping plants warm and providing protection against freezing temperatures and frost. The solar cone increases seed germination and speeds...