Watermelon Seeds - Tasty Seedless Hybrid Growing Kit & Instructions


85-90 days. Citrullus lanatus. Tasty Seedless Hybrid Watermelon seeds reign as one of the sweetest and smallest among the seedless varieties. These warm season annuals have a diverse plant gene makeup, which allows Tasty Seedless Hybrid Watermelons to produce incredibly sweet flavor! With bright-red fruit and a rounded exterior, this “icebox" variety grows 6-8 lbs. As hybrid plants, these types of watermelons contain 3 sets of chromosomes and are referred to as “triploids." Tasty Seedless Hybrid Watermelon seeds are non-GMO, have a longer germination period and are ready to harvest in 85-90 days from the sowing date. This kit includes detailed full-color instructions and additional diploid seedless watermelons, which are necessary to provide male pollen to Tasty Seedless.

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Growing Tasty Seedless Hybrid Watermelon Garden Seeds

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Kits Include:

  • Tasty Seedless Hybrid Watermelon Seeds
  • Sugar Baby Diploid Watermelon Seeds (for pollination)
  • Complete full-colored instructions

Sowing & Growing:

It"s recommended to start Tasty Seedless Hybrid watermelons seeds indoors, in order to help them sprout. Since these watermelon seeds prefer a temperature range of 75-80° for germinating, for better control, begin by sowing Tasty Hybrid watermelons in either a greenhouse or in pea pots during spring. Plant seeds in a seed-starting mix 1" deep. Germination will take 8-12 days, however; be patient, as Tasty Hybrid Watermelon seeds can take up to 4 weeks at the most. Transplant the young plants outdoors once the vines have grown at least 6" long or 3 weeks from the sowing date. A general tip for sowing seedless watermelons, is to plant them next to a seeded variety in order to help them not only grow successfully but to also boost pollination and allow them to reseed. This kit comes with additional diploid seeded watermelon seeds for premium pollination. Space seedless watermelon plants 4-5" apart and with 6" in between raised rows. Tasty Seedless Hybrid Watermelons mature relatively early and can be ready to harvest as early as 80-85 days. Tasty Seedless Hybrid watermelons do well in warmer temperatures and can tolerate heat up to 95°. Like most watermelons, they prefer full sun. Water the plants regularly, but only once they"ve sprouted and during their developmental stage. This non-GMO seedless variety prefers soil that is fertile, loamy and with a pH level of 6.0-6.5.


Harvest Tasty Seedless Hybrid Watermelons in 85 days from the sowing date or once the vines have dried near the stem and the color of the base of the fruit has turned light-yellow. The texture of ripe watermelons will also become more tough to the touch. Harvest the ripe fruit by using a gardening knife to cut the watermelons from their main vine near the stem. After picking, you can store them in a cooler area, which will help the watermelons last up to 25 days! Non-GMO Tasty Seedless Hybrid Watermelon varieties are known to retain their sweet flavor, even after they"ve been sliced into.


The main difference between "“icebox" and "“picnic" watermelons is how picnic varieties tend to be bigger and heavier in size than what are referred to as the icebox types.

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