Viola Seeds - Sorbet Series


91-98 days. Sorbet Series seeds grow year-round violas in your home or garden when others can not. Often planted as annuals, Sorbet Series viola seeds are perennials that grow to be hardy, cold-tolerant, and thrive in a wide range of temperate North American climates. Sorbet Series viola seeds grow compact, yet durable 6-8 inch tall mounds of spectacular color ideal for indoors, hanging baskets, or as a potted gift. Sorbet Series violas are an edible flower used by professional chefs as an aromatic accent or garnish to salads and other savory meals.


Growing Sorbet Series Viola Garden Seeds

For optimal blooms, sow Sorbet Series viola seeds indoors using a seed starting kit 8-12 weeks before your region's final frost. Sorbet Series seeds may also be sown late summer for autumn blooming since Sorbet Series violas can endure a chill. Provide plenty of sunlight from a window or, ideally, grow 3-4 inches beneath fluorescent grow lights for 16 hours per day with 8 hours of darkness. Do not use incandescent bulbs and do not leave lights on for any 24-hour period. Harden-off young Sorbet Series viola seedlings before transplanting outside into partial shade with well-drained, Organic-rich matter worked into the soil. Plant Sorbet Series viola seeds 1/8 inch deep and 8-10 inches apart and add fertilizer as your violas near maturity. Monitor regularly for pests, but Sorbet Series viola seeds are not known to be susceptible to regular pests or diseases as they can endure chills that many pests can not. Sorbet Series viola seeds mature in 91-98 days as 6-8 inch tall compact mounds with a 6-8 inch spread of sparkling blooms of your choice from their unique signature colors.

Violas are not too different from pansies, and the term viola or violet is generally used for those varieties with a smaller plant a bloom size.

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