Vinca Seeds - Mediterranean XP Series


98-105 days. Mediterranean XP vinca seeds grow one of summer's most exciting bedding, trailing, and hanging plants. Mediterranean XP seeds promise your home or garden elegant bicolored vincas with sharp, contrasting petals of either white, strawberry, rose halo, polka dot, or mixed. Mediterranean XP vinca seeds are perfect for growing in shaded porches, window sills, or for adding color around the base of a leafy summertime deciduous tree. Mediterranean XP vinca seeds grow in many gardens prone to heat and drought and are an easy way to add refined, long-lasting color.


Growing Mediterranean XP Vinca Garden Seeds

Since Mediterranean XP vinca seeds are slow to reach full maturity, sow indoors 10-12 weeks before final frost date. Mediterranean XP vinca seeds are also slow to germinate and will require 10-21 days in complete darkness. Once germinated, move Mediterranean XP seeds to a sunny window sill or fluorescent grow light until four true leaves have developed. Transplant Mediterranean XP seedlings into your favorite decorative indoor container or basket and harden off if transplanting outside. Transplant Mediterranean XP vinca seeds outside into average, loamy, and well-drained soil at least 8 inches apart in partial shade. Mediterranean XP vincas have no known pests or diseases, but will show signs of wilting if not properly shaded. Mediterranean XP vinca seeds mature in 98-105 days as delicate 4-6 inch tall hanging, trailing mounds with a 20-30 inch spread of your choice of signature bicolored white, strawberry, rose halo, polka dot, or mixed blooms.

Also known as Trailing Vinca, vincas are native to Europe, northwest Africa, and southwest Asia. The genus Vinca has more than 86 known valuable alkaloids amongst its species that the medical community utilizes everyday for chemotherapy medications specializing in childhood cancers, leukemias, and lymphomas.

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