Tree Stand


This holder fits on an upright 4 x 4 and creates the appearance of a blooming "flower tree." It is striking, catching attention and admiration more than traditional flower beds.

Tree Stand Planter Basket Holder

This metal Post-Topper fits on a standard 4-inch x 4-inch post. The tree has 5 branches that each hold a 3-gallon Bloom Master basket (sold separately). Each branch is welded to the central trunk. The standard 4"x4" post can be purchased at any lumber store and can be cut to the desired height (recommended between 4 - 6 feet high). 

Choose the location of the tree so it will not conflict with any sub-surface utilities, such as water or electrical conduits. You may want to consider options of installing permanent sleeves into the ground if you plan on using the tree in that location year after year.

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